Authentic French Pâtisserie now in Kolkata!

Tell us what you think about Shuktara Cakes

We would love to know what you think about our cakes, financiers and madeleines. Our team takes great pride in baking our pastries and they strive to produce high quality, healthy and tasty products.

Please leave us a comment and rate our cakes.


  1. Alison Saracena | | Reply

    great cakes

    I love Shuktara Cakes! My favorite is the financiers, every time I come to Kolkata I order at least one box.

    Keep up your wonderful work!

  2. Bryan Forst | | Reply

    Shuktara cakes are excellent!

    I cannot get Shuktara financiers right now and I am missing them so much. If only they could ship to Laos i would be perfectly happy.

    Besides the financiers the ginger walnut cake is my favorite. The quality is so high they could open a shop in Paris and be successful!

  3. Lau Chantebel | | Reply

    love shuktara cakes

    Delicious cakes and such a great team… I miss the madeleines & financiers….

  4. Ayush Saraf | | Reply


    Awesome team and the cakes are really very tasty and yumm…. The best thing about their cakes is that you store it for a good period of time.. ALL the products are to be tried and for sure you would love it…

  5. mayurakshi maitra | | Reply

    Where is your outlet in kolkata

    • Shuktara Cakes | | Reply

      We are happy to take phone or email orders and deliver to your door if you are in Kolkata and your order is over Rs. 500/-. If you want to try some of our cakes before ordering they are available at Sienna Cafe, Hindustan Park, Garia.

      • Somnath Guha | | Reply

        Kindly let me know the address and nearest landmark to Sienna Cafe, Hindustan Park, Garia.

        • Shuktara Cakes | | Reply

          Sienna Cafe is located at 49, Hindustan Park – here’s a Google map…

  6. Somnath Guha | | Reply

    Wonderful initiative

    Read about your initiative in Times of India. I would be interested to know if you make birthday cakes by order

    • Shuktara Cakes | | Reply

      Nice that you read about us in the Times of India! Sorry we haven’t started birthday cakes however that is an idea that we will consider for the future.

  7. Rupanjali Samadder | | Reply

    Loved the absolutely delicious cakes!

    I was first introduced to Shuktara Cakes last year in Mohona at Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College and I was looking forward to tasting the delicious cakes once again this year! I was thrilled with the amazing madeleines and the financiers because they were incredibly tasty. Great effort by the team!

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