Our Philosophy

Somnath SARDAR, Manager of Shuktara Cakes

I am proud to get the opportunity to be a part of Shuktara Cakes. It's a unique project and we make natural healthy French patisserie. Thanks to Mr. Alain Cojean to come up with this wonderful idea for shuktara older boys.
Pappu MISHRA, Chairman of shuktara

Pappu MISHRA, Chairman of shuktara

Shuktara Cakes is like dream come true for shuktara's older people and for their bright future.

Alain COJEAN, Director of COJEAN restaurants in Paris, co-founder & supporter of Shuktara Cakes

I am so happy that this project has emerged and so impressed by the work of Somnath and his team. They have become real professionals. I am proud and happy about their good job!

David EARP, founder of shuktara

It was always my dream for the older boys of shuktara to find employment and when Shuktara Cakes started it was the culmination of everything I wanted for them.
Florence COLONNA, from the fondation NOURRIR AIMER DONNER, for Shuktara Cakes

Florence COLONNA, from the foundation NOURRIR AIMER DONNER, for Shuktara Cakes

I am very impressed by the boys' and Somnath's work. They have become the master of French pastries! I’m happy to be there to give them advice from France to help Shuktara Cakes to make the best French pastries in Kolkata.


I got the chance to work for a year with the team in Kolkata helping them to develop Shuktara Cakes. I am amazed by their professionalism in the kitchen and by the quality of their products which taste like in France.